Want the best pictures of your house?


We always work hard to show your home in the best light. But, there are things you can do that will really help get the most from your session, and, for that matter, when you show the house.

I have a family and dog and know just how hard it can be to get a place ready to show, but every little bit helps:

  • De-clutter as much as you can.
  • Clear and wipe countertops and mirrors in kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Hide soap, sponges, cleaning tools and paper towels in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Hide toiletries, combs, brushes and other unnecessary items in the bathrooms.
  • Remove used towels and, if possible, replace with clean matching bath and hand towels.
  • Remove everything stuck on the outside of the fridge, e.g. magnets, business cards, photos, etc.
  • Remove towels and clothes (unless they are decorative).
  • Put the lid down on toilets.
  • Make sure beds are all made and neat, pillows are plumped, spreads are flat and smoothed out.
  • Turn off all ceiling fans.
  • Clear off tables and arrange the chairs.
  • Hide things like TV remotes, games controllers, etc. and tidy cables.
  • Hide medical equipment.
  • Hide cables and wires
  • Hide pet food and litter trays.
  • Replace any light bulbs that are out.
  • Cut grass, keep the yard neat, and sweep paths.
  • Remove any gardening tools and visible hoses and pipes.
  • Open all curtains, shades and blinds.
  • Add a splash of colour with flowers, fruit and plants, if available.
  • Stage kitchens and dining areas with glasses and dishes, provided they match.
NOTE: When we photograph your home, we may rearrange furniture and move other contents around or out of view, to show your home at its best.


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