For sale by owner? The right photos may help you sell!


When a real estate broker markets a home, they have lots of ways to bring in buyers. But, what gets buyers into your house when you are selling it by yourself?

Your property needs to stand out from the crowd on real estate search sites like Zillow®. And, unless the first impression is good, people will just click on the next listing.

You need photographs that are sure to drive buyers right to you. That’s where an independent architectural photographer comes in.

They offer top-notch photography services – using professional, high-end cameras, lights, lenses and computer systems – and deliver a set of affordable, high-quality and web-compatible images to the home seller.

Pro photographers have full control over the process of producing images, which ensures the finished product reflects what the photographer and owner want.

Another factor is that the independent photographer can afford to spend the time needed to create the best lighting, to work on a composition that shows the flow and space to their best advantage. The way the big outfits work can mean that their people need to fit in as many photo jobs as possible to make their living, which can put pressure on the time spent on each photo shoot.

In my case, I stand by my work. If the home seller is not satisfied for any reason, they get a 100% refund. And, unlike some other real estate photography companies, the seller retains full ownership of the images I produce for them.

Substandard photos can prevent a for-sale-by-owner home from getting the traffic it deserves.

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